the may issue

the april issue

the march issue

the february issue

Yes, You Can Touch My Hair

But first you need to listen to my story.

the renewal issue

7 Yoga Poses for a Healthy Pelvic Floor

A 10-minute flow for beginners, master yoginis, and every body in between.

the giving issue

the curiosity issue

Meet the Village Grannies

Founders of a high-class smoke shop, advocates for acting your age *on your own terms*

the awareness issue

Allison Behringer Is Changing How We Talk About Bodies

Meet the host and creator of your new favorite *bod*cast.

The Inclusivity Issue

Do Some People Really Have Small Bladders?

If you have OAB, you're probably saying yes.

The Sweat Issue

Apps For A Gladder Bladder

The upside to digital bladder diaries.

The Mental Issue

Shahar Lion On Using Your Pelvis As A Compass

Plus other simple tools for bettering your mind-bod connection.

The Pride Issue

Tara Jepsen On Pride and Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

"I strongly believe in – and one of my core values is – being honest about the experience you're having with your body. Shame doesn't serve any of us."

The Packing Issue

How To Take Pressure Off Our Pelvic Floors

If we’re packing too much pressure on our pelvic floors or abdomen, it can cause conditions like pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or diastasis recti.

The Persistence Issue

Why New York's First Female Asian-American Firefighter Is Recruiting More Women

"One day, it will be very normal to have women firefighters — as normal as you see a woman cop or a woman judge.”

The Food Issue

New York City's Queen of Falafel Is Unstoppable

“I would do what any other man did and probably more.”

The Rejection Issue

How I Saved Myself From A Sweaty Situation

"Sweat began pouring off of me like a faucet. It was even running down my legs which made it look like I was peeing myself!"

The Shedding Issue

2018: The Year of Shedding Crappy Thoughts

"Out goes the bad air, in comes the good!"

The Family Issue

Why I Never Went Camping with My Husband Again

When you gotta go in the wild, not even the fear of a bear can get in your way.

The Fear Issue

Jordanna Kalman - Artist & Photographer

 "You have to rip your work apart and put it back together over and over and be very honest with yourself."

The Creativity Issue

8 Reasons to Adore Your Pelvic Floor

Learning about your floor shouldn't feel like a chore.

The Community Issue

All Pain and No Gain: Is Hurting After Sex Normal?

"Every time we had sex, I thought he was giving me an STD..."

The Pleasure Issue

Should We Treasure Our Simple Pleasures?

Feeling guilty is a waste of time.

The Adventure Issue

Southernmost Exposure

This brave woman didn't let a full bladder dampen her Florida Keys adventure.

The Mother Issue

Mother's Day Hangover Cure

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

The Foot Issue

My Plantar's Wart Conundrum

Ever put off going to a doctor? Us too.

The History Issue

Herstory Book Worthy Heroines

How well do you know these iconic wonder women? 

the body issue

Dear Sheilah: On Painful Politics

When partisan issues become parental pain points.

Issue No. 11

Meet Our Models

Our (pee-proof) underwear models aren't new to disrupting the status quo. 

Issue No. 10

New Year, New Pelvic Floor Gear! 🎉

Self-care splurges to lessen your urges.

Issue No. 9

Dear Sheilah: On Grooming

Hate haircuts? Procrastinate pedicures? Forgo facials?

Issue No. 8

Hap-PEE Halloween! Last Minute Costume Ideas

Need last minute costume inspiration? We got you covered (literally).

Issue No. 7

Dear Sheilah: On Self-Sabotage, Raising Daughters & Callings

"...but then I remembered I had hidden a Magic Mushroom."

Issue No. 6

Dear Sheilah: The Good, The Bad & The Healthy

Alright stop, collaborate, and listen. Sheilah's back w/ a brand new edition.

Issue No. 5

Introducing: Dear Sheilah

If Dear Abby looked like a Real Housewife and toked up like Cheech and Chong. 

Issue No. 4

Robin Tewes

Robin Tewes is a painter originally from Queens, NY. Her work has been exhibited widely at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, P.S.1, and The Drawing Center. She is a professor of Fine Art at Pace University, and is going to be spending her summer painting at the Sam & Adele Golden Artist Residency in upstate New York.

Issue No. 3

Pickin' Up Good Vibes - Postpartum Intimacy

With only 5 days left in May, our National Masturbation Month post is a real buzzer beater (heh).

Issue No. 2

Patronus Casting Call

Lucy, and Carol, and Josephine...oh my!

Issue No. 1

Kathleen Shannon - Creative Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Kathleen co-hosts the wildly popular podcast, Being Boss. She's also Creative Director and co-owner of Braid Creative, helping other creatives blend who they are into what they do through brand & business visioning.(Photo by Justin Falk)