The Mother Issue

Mother's Day Hangover Cure

If it's not one thing, it's your mother.

Dear Sheilah: On (Mom)umental (Mom)ents

When the *mothership* hits the fan, Sheilah's got answers.

Anthonia Akitunde

Savvy Storyteller, Trailblazing Editor

The Afterbirth

Whether shedding happy tears or recovering from vaginal tears (or both!), the only thing that’s certain is the immensity of #TheAfterBirth.

The Foot Issue

One Heel Of A Saga

Ever put off going to a doctor? Us too.

The History Issue

Changing Herstory On Pelvic Health

Health info you wish your mom could’ve taught you.

the body issue

Dear Sheilah: On Painful Politics

When partisan issues become parental pain points.

Issue No. 11

Holy Hormones: Life Stages

From periods to menopause, how do hormones affect our unique bods?

Issue No. 10

Our 2016 Giveback Impact Recap

From the bottom of our fiercely feminist hearts, we say thank you!

Issue No. 9

Dear Sheilah: On Grooming

Hate haircuts? Procrastinate pedicures? Forgo facials?

Issue No. 8

Hap-PEE Halloween!

Need last minute costume inspiration? We got you covered (literally).

Issue No. 7

Dear Sheilah: On Self-Sabotage, Raising Daughters & Callings

"...but then I remembered I had hidden a Magic Mushroom."

Issue No. 6

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: How to stop the POP

It's suuuuuper common, but also scary AF to Google, so we turned to experts dealin' with POP on the daily.

Issue No. 5

Introducing: Dear Sheilah

If Dear Abby looked like a Real Housewife and toked up like Cheech and Chong. 

Issue No. 4


You can’t score if you don't have a goal.

Issue No. 3

Pickin' Up Good Vibes

With only 5 days left in May, our National Masturbation Month post is a real buzzer beater (heh).

Issue No. 2

Bladder Friendly Foods

When you need a break from pizza and wine...

Issue No. 1

On The Floor II's like eating for your lungs!