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Product Information

How much liquid can a pair of Icon hold?

The regular coverage gusset can hold up to 5 teaspoons of liquid (aka pee), and our new extended coverage can hold up to 6 teaspoons. Oh, you don't carry a teaspoon around in your pocket to measure your leaks? Weird.

Are there any options for those of us who want a little more coverage in the front?

YES! We've had a lot of leaky ladies requesting more coverage up front, so we're testing an extended coverage option for beige hi-waist right now. It includes an extra 2" of protection up front and can hold up to 6 teaspoons. Check it out!

How does Icon compare to disposible pantyliners?

Icon provides similar coverage as a light to moderate absorbancy pantyliner (depending on the brand), but without any of the bulk. Seriously, we tested them all.

Wait, did you say no bulk?

That's right. Zero bulk. Just lightning fast absorption that's as thin as a regular pair of undies.

So, I can really stop wearing disposable pads and granny liners?

Yeah girl, ditch those disposables and never look back!

If Icon absorbs my leaks, won't they smell?

We can see why you'd worry about that, but don't fret my pet, Icon has an anti-odor treatment that keeps you smelling fresh all day long.

It holds my pee all day? Is that hygenic?

You better believe it. The lining of Icon is treated with an anti-microbial application of silver, which fights bacteria.

How do I wash my Icon?

Just machine wash them in cold water and tumble dry low. But please don't use bleach or fabric softener and avoid ironing your Icon. Not that you look like a woman who irons her underwear.

Wait, what's the difference between Icon and THINX?

Good question! Icon and THINX both protect you from leaks, but the built-in technology was specifically developed for each particular type of liquid.

So, Icon is real underwear, right?

Correct! Icon is washable and reusable just like a regular pair of underwear.

I don't usually spend that much on underwear! Why does Icon cost so much?

Tooootally fair question, and we're glad you asked! Since we're designing the best possible reusable product, that includes sourcing the highest quality fabrics and not cutting any corners on construction. Those factors unfortunately set the price that we have to charge to stay in business, but we do try to lessen that as much as possible with bundle discounts (up to 20% off) and $10 off referral codes.

How do I know what size I should order?

We have a handy sizing chart on our product pages.

What material is Icon made from? Is it breathable?

Icon is made of breathable, yet leak-proof fabric, leaving many people scratching their heads in wonderment. In addition to silky-smooth fibers woven from the mane of a unicorn, Icon is also made from the following fabrics:


I can only wear cotton underwear. Will I be able to wear Icon?

Because of the advanced fabrics we use to bring the Icon pee-proof magic to life, we're unable to make a 100% cotton option. You're certainly welcome to try a pair and see how your body responds, but if you know for certain your body can only handle cotton underwear, we recommend sticking to that.

Does Icon come in maternity sizes?

Since Icon has a natural stretch to it, we don't have special sizing for magnificent pregnant women. We do recommend that expectant mothers opt for the bikini cut since it is low-cut and will sit comfortably below the belly.

Will you be adding more styles and products?

Yes! Our sassy little panty elves are always cooking up new styles and products. If there's a style we don't offer that you'd like to see in the future, send us a note: hello@iconundies.com.

Orders & Shipping

What is your return policy?

We truly think peeing is believing, so you can try your first pair of Icon for 30 days and if you don't love them we'll refund you, no questions asked. Simply email hello@iconundies.com and we will quickly process a return. *Note: This does not apply to items marked FINAL SALE in your cart

I live outside of the U.S., can I still order Icon?

Yes, of course! We offer international shipping so women around the world can laugh, sneeze and dance with reckless abandon.

Does Icon cover taxes, duty, etc. for International customers?

Unfortunately not, that'd be a big commitment for our little company. Our prices don't include these fees (they vary depending on where you are), so any import taxes, duties, brokerage fees, and VATs are collected by the local shipping company upon delivery. If you get your package and decide you don't want to pay those fees, we won't be able to refund you. Sorry!.

What if I ordered the wrong size?

No problem! Just email us hello@iconundies.com and we'll get that sorted out.

Mission & Giveback

Ok, so maybe I should know this, but what exactly is a fistula?

An obstetric fistula is a hole between the vagina and rectum or bladder that is caused by prolonged obstructed labor, leaving a woman incontinent of urine or feces or both. You may have never heard of this problem because it is no longer common in the industrialized world, thanks to widespread availability of proper obstetric care and access to emergency C-sections, which can prevent fistula from occurring. However, one million women in low resource countries are suffering unnecessarily because they did not have access to timely help when they needed it most. The Foundation's mission is to help treat as many of these women as possible.

How do I learn more about the Fistula Foundation?

Learn more about the important work they do on their website: www.fistulafoundation.org

In what developing countries are you helping women suffering from Fistula?

Fistula Foundation is currently working in more than 20 countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to provide fistula treatment. (Visit their website for a full list). We work with the Foundation to send our contributions to the countries most in need of support at any given time.

How exactly does the Icon giveback work?

Through our partnership with the Fistula Foundation, every pair of Icon sold helps fund the treatment and recovery for women suffering from fistula in the developing world. For 2016, we're fully funding a project in Madagascar which provides pre-op care, fistula surgeries, and post-op recovery. We're on track to provide life-changing surgeries for 71 women this year.

The Company

Can I get your office contact info?

Of course! Especially if you plan on sending homemade cookies. Our office is at 601 w. 26th St. #325-2, New York, NY 10001. You can also email us: hello@iconundies.com

You gals are the same people who make THINX, right?

Correct! After launching THINX we heard from so many women asking us for a better solution for their light bladder leaks, so we got right to work developing Icon.

Ok, so you gals really don't believe in TMI?

It's true. We think the term "TMI" is dead. To prove it, we'll share with you that one of our team members has pooped herself twice in the past 6 months. It happens, you guys!

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