you do you

because the world needs your weirdness

When you gotta go in the wild, not even the fear of a bear can get in your way.

"What’s wrong with skipping through the f*cking sprinklers?"

You won't buy overpriced soaps and candles again.

Sol-dar-i-pee is ageless. 💦

There are priceless perks to loving your work.

This brave woman didn't let a full bladder dampen her Florida Keys adventure.

When the *mothership* hits the fan, Sheilah's got answers.

When partisan issues become parental pain points.

Our (pee-proof) underwear models aren't new to disrupting the status quo. 

Self-care splurges to lessen your urges.

You can't spend what you don't see. 💰

Hate haircuts? Procrastinate pedicures? Forgo facials?

"I was brainwashed into this whole 'marriage' thing. I was Betty Crocker with a joint."

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