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New Year, New Pelvic Floor Gear! 🎉

Haaaaap-PEE New Year (without leaking fear)! In 2018, we'll keep right on putting our energy towards women's health so more of us can understand what's going on with our bodies, ergo having more ownership over our health. And since the corporations making disposable pads and pantyliners never mention the fact that some women can lessen or prevent leaking and improve the health of their pelvic floor, we're here to remind you.

Now that all the holiday gifting is over, it's time to treat yo'self with new gear! Real talk: investing in *health wealth* is not over-indulgence. It's radical self-care that can help us reclaim control of our entire bodies. For optimal pelvic floor health, here are our fave gadgets & tips.

H20 Vessel 💦

I totally get it - it seems kinda counterintuitive to stay hydrated all day long if you're already dealing w/ pee-holding probz. Buuuut, we’re actually irritating the lining of our bladder if we deprive ourselves of H20. See, if our bodies and bladders are super dehydrated, we increase the concentration of urine, therefore irritating the bladder lining, which actually worsens symptoms of leaking. So drink up, but, don't go full water bottle throttle too fast. If you're worried about scaling up, start off small and increase 5 oz of your H20 intake daily. Over the holidays, I was gifted a swanky S'Well water bottle (women-owned company, btw) and honestly couldn't be more obsessed w/ it. What can I say? Makes me feel fancy.  

 Pelvic Floor Therapy 💪 

We thank our Lucky Unicorn (yes, that's the one we say we have in our office) that the brilliant Lindsey Vestal collaborates w/ us on blog posts like Dribble Diaries and will answer literally any and every question about pelvic floor health during our Facebook Live Streams. But, if you can, you should totally find your own amazing pelvic floor therapist too because there's just no replacing that personalized 1-on-1 care. Overwhelmed about where to start? Here's a PT locator. Just enter your zip code and ba-da-boom, you'll have some vetted choices. Oh, here's an amazing resource for postpartum care that Lindsey created (she's a human gem) for all you new mamas.

Bwom App 📱

If you live in a rural area, can't afford a PT, or just wanna strengthen your pelvic floor in the comfort of your own home, handheld health help is here! Bwom is an app created for women of all ages and life stages. The app's audio & visual exercises guide you through how to care for your pelvic area. From young adults and women without children, through pregnancy and postpartum, to Menopause. Urine control with this handy, budget-friendly option. 

Franklin Ball 🔴

Do you have to remind yourself to unclench every single body part because you're so tense? Same 🙋🏽. Fairly often too. Yikes 😬. It's kinda crazy how physically tense I can be for a self-proclaimed laid-back soul. As you can imagine, when our bodies are riled up, we're adding even more tension and stress to our pelvic floor muscles. Good news though: we can relax & release some of those muscles from the outside with the help of these amazing, multi-functional Franklin balls. You can place them between your spine and the back of your chair for better posture while sitting (don't forget to breathe from your diaphragm while you're at it!). You can also use it to roll out your hips, back, or under your feet (feels soooo good!) to loosen up that tension.

Squatty Potty 🚽

Straining from constipation or emptying or bladder completely can cause your pelvic floor to overwork, which could lead to conditions like POP (pelvic organ prolapse). Investing in a Squatty Potty is superb for your whole fam. The magical medically-tested toilet stools (heh) aid with healthy posture that relieve/prevent constipation. Annnnd when we ladies use SP to pee, our bladders are emptied more completely than when we sit or hover over the porcelain throne. So if you have stress incontinence, this might be one of the answers to your pee probz. Did you know that squatting can reduce UTIs in frequency & intensity? #themoreyouknow 

Pssst! While you're upgrading your bathroom experience, treat yo'self to a revoLOOtionary bidet attachment via our sister-brand TUSHY! 

OMGYes & Lube 😮 💖

Sometimes, pelvic floor disorders, interstitial cystitis, and lingering or episodic hip, back, or abdominal pain can make sex uncomfortable and painful. The irony is that daily orgasms actually help our pelvic floors elongate and function healthily. Sooo...if you're experiencing discomfort while having sex with your partner, it's definitely worth bringing up with your health professional or PT.  

If you wanna ease into sex while you're restoring your pelvic floor (or just wanna spice up your sex life), OMGYes might be a good place to get your feet...um...wet. OMGYes is a classy but affordable website for women, men, and couples, together or solo to explore ways of enhancing pleasure through several videos + touchable videos (visit their site to find out what those are 😍). We also recommend getting a tube Babeland Silk lube!

Pee-Proof Undies 👙

While I've def been enjoying a more energetic pep in step with my H20 increase, I'm not alwaaays 100% that my brain-to-bladder communication will be on point. Although most bladders can hold up to 16 ounces of liquid, if you have urge incontinence (like yours truly), a neurological misfire can leads to leaks! Don't fret, though, Icon's got you covered (quite literally). While you're improving your pelvic floor game (guzzling more water, telling yourself to trust your body, etc), these leak-proof undies can serve as an anxiety-squasher. Doesn't hurt that they're beautiful, eco-friendly, machine-washable, and come in Hiphugger, Hi-Waist, Thong, and Bikini. Oh, and feel free to take $5 off your 1st purchase by using the code ICON5 at checkout.

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