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How I Learned That My Bladder Gets Tired, Too

By: Anna Boom

I like to run. The joy stems from the freedom of being outside, the fresh air, the change in scenery, the simplicity of just me, my shoes and a good running attire. It all draws me in and almost every day I get out and hit the trails or pavement.

This joy led me down the path of trail running, where there is even more fresh air, incredible vistas after brutal climbs, trees and birds chirping. This led me down another path, ultra trail running, where I go out for hours and hours, miles and miles and sometimes days and days (weeks just seems crazy, am I right?)

One of the odd things that happen to me, which I haven't heard any mention of on the ultra race circuit, is something I call the tired bladder, whose patience fled the scene, or The Fast and Furious. All those hours of running, often holding my pee until I find a place to go, tires my bladder or makes it feel less sensitive. I notice it the day after the race, when I am usually traveling by train, plane, bus or taxi back home. At the most inconvenient times, nervously waiting while stuck in traffic going across the Bay Bridge, sitting on a three hour bus ride going to Taipei with no stops scheduled, trying to make it through security at Tokyo airport, the urge hits me and hard. And you see why I call it Fast and Furious! Out of nowhere it seems, I have to go-- now. There is *almost* no time as my bladder can hardly wait, its patience run out on the ultra race the day before.

The conversation goes something like this:

Me--"Really Bladder? This second is when you chose to evacuate all my urine?! Can't you just hold it a few minutes longer?"

B--"Well Lady, remember when I fully supported you for all those hours? Let the high speed action begin as you seek pee relief! Sayonara to all fluids you drank as you replenished and recovered from your race!!"

And there I am feeling as many women have, embarrassed, trying to find a restroom to get cleaned up best I can.

When I heard about Icon, I wanted to try them immediately. A solution to the problem that no one really talks about, yes please! This is exactly what I needed; undies that would help me and my tired bladder make it to the restroom without the embarrassing spills showing.

*~Any other women suffer from tired bladder too? Let me know in the comments below. Would love to discuss further!~*

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