A Gift Guide for Number One (You)

12/13/18 | share:

By Brianna Flaherty

‘Tis the season for giving, but for some reason we never include ourselves on our holiday shopping lists. This year, we handpicked the best gifts to give yourself at the close of a busy 2018, and kickstart 2019 with some much needed rest and relaxation. Here are the seven greatest gifts for taking care of your number one: you.

Scented bath bombs


Bath bombs are the best and simplest way to turn a basic bathing moment into top notch self-care. LUSH bath bombs are handmade and cruelty-free, and they come in tons of different colors, fragrances, and shapes. All you have to do is fill the tub with water and drop the bomb in for a rejuvenating, totally customized experience. Bonus: they also turn your bath water into a psychedelic mix of colors.

A cozy bathrobe


Parachute’s Classic Bathrobe takes relaxing to an extra plush (and surprisingly affordable) level. It's quick-drying, made from 100% Turkish cotton, and perfectly weighted so no more seasonal robe swaps are needed. Parachute's products are also Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’re free of harmful chemicals and synthetics, so you can enjoy some quality *organic* lounging.

Monthly cheese deliveries


Any cheese-related gift is a win in my book, but the careful selection process at Cheese of the Month Club is kind of unparalleled. Their skilled Cheesemongers (a career path I tragically missed) travel internationally to hand pick the best cheeses to send directly to your door once a month. They've been around since ‘94 and offer both Gourmet *and* Rare Cheese memberships to match your personal taste.

Calming essential oil diffuser


This essential oil diffuser will fill your home with ~luxe spa vibes~. It comes equipped with soothing LED lighting and an aesthetically pleasing (and oddly calming?) shape. In addition to making your bedroom or office smell amazing, essential oils have proven emotional benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety. This fancy diffuser will help you get blissed out on a regular basis, no spa visit required.

Vesper vibrator necklace



A gift that will definitely keep giving, this chic necklace doubles as a stealthy sex toy. It’s stainless steel, which makes it both easy to clean and pretty to wear, and the long chain lets you slip it under your shirt or sweater for extra discretion. Side note: masturbation can both build strength in weakened pelvic floor muscles (orgasms = muscle contractions) *and* help relax your floor if your muscles are tight. If you want to give yourself the portable gift of pleasure and a very happy floor this holiday season, Vesper is your answer.

Leak-proof Midnight undies 


Undies that brighten up the darkest season! These eco-friendly, machine-washable, leak-proof, anti-odor undies are perfect for lounging, running, jumping, yoga-ing, and dramatically reclining on your chaise while eating cheese in your luxurious new robe. Our Midnight undies are on a mission to make me-time happen anytime you need it.

Soothing CBD balm


This hemp-based balm is a perfect intro to the soothing effects of CBD, which has all the naturally calming effects of cannabis without any of the intoxication. CBD balms and lotions are a perfect antidote to stress, especially if yours manifests in your bod through sore or stiff muscles. If you’re one of the 50% of us who struggles with insomnia (thank you, hot flashes and anxiety), CBD oil is also a great option for a restful night’s sleep.

What’s on your wish list this season? Share your dream gifts in the comments section.

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