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Travel Gear for Adventures Far and Near

Ahhhhhh finally. It's that special time of year when your flights are booked, cars are rented, or train tickets are in hand. We know, we know, you're totally excited for your much needed vacation. But if you battle with your bladder, you're probably not at all thrilled about the long plane/train/car ride. For some, the travel destination is far better than the journey. No, we're not mind readers just fellow leakers. Nothing can be more stressful than riding in a car full of non-leakers who don't understand why you need to stop every hour or so. Your dribble dilemma should never exclude you from adventures. Not sure what to pack to ensure leak-proof and stress-free travel? We did it for you. 👇


 Thoughtful Luggage 



Away believes that suitcases should pull more than their weight. Founded by two adventurous women, Away luggage has TSA-approved locks, a built-in battery that charges any USB device📱, scratch-resistant/unbreakable exterior, and spacious interior compartments. Aaaaand, they offer a lifetime warranty. So yeah, check 'em out before your next voyage. 


Rose Water Spray


Seriously the best smelling all-in-one moisturizer, deodorizer, and facial skincare product there is out there. If you're trekking to regions with hot temps and sunny weather ☀️, you'll wanna bring a bottle of rose water spray to keep you fresh & clean. This dreamy scent can also keep your nerves calm if GoogleMaps let's you down/you can't find a public restroom in a fancy art museum. 


Lumbar Pillow 


Yeah, neck pillows usually get all the glory when it comes to travel days. Buuut, if you're gonna be strapped in a car/plane/train, you'll thank yourself 🙌  for bringing along a inflatable (perf for limited travel space) lumbar pillow. As our pelvic floor guru, Lindsey has proclaimed before, good posture + breathing properly = amazing pelvic floor comfort. Plus, if you're cozy and aren't experiencing back pain, chances are you'll be better prepared to hold your pee until you find the nearest gas station. 


Bladder-Friendly Snacks

Your bladder and wallet will thank you for packing snacks ahead of time. Make sure to include whole grains (oatmeal cookies count 🍪 ), almonds, pumpkin seeds, and/or, hummus & crudité. Careful with acidic fruits like lemons, limes, oranges, tomatoes, and grapefruits, which some people find irritating to their bladder.  



If you're gonna be in a car for what feels like forever and have the urge the pee often, investing in a GoGirl (reusable & portable female urination device) is super smart. Maybe you're a germaphobe (no judgment, ever) who can't handle dirty Porta Potties or rest stop bathrooms? Whatever your sitch might be, GoGirl has got your back...or front rather. 🙃


Compression Socks 



Hydration Pack 

Traveling far distances doesn't mean it's time to drastically cut back on your h2o intake (seriously, never do that). We've preached this before but dehydrating yourself can actually be counterproductive if you're hoping to prevent leaking accidents. Truth is, drinking less water makes the urine in your bladder more concentrated, which leads to irritability within the bladder lining and false urges. A hydration pack is a must for a hike, car trip, or high-level shopping adventure. 💦


Travel-Sized Lubricant/Wash 

Perhaps you're going on a romantic getaway with your boo? Or maybe you wanna be prepared while traveling solo? 😏   Well, well, well, have we got ~*good news*~ for you! Our homegirls at Good Clean Love have spectacular travel sized goodies (1.5 oz Almost Naked lubricant; 2 oz Guilty Pleasure lubricant; 2 oz Balance Wash...um, all organic, of course). 

 Icon Undies 

Many leaky ladies tell us that they love traveling with Icon. Why? Because it's much easier to pack than packages of disposables (more space in your luggage for Duty-Free goodies!). Most importantly though, Icon undies are TSA-proof. Remember that crazy pantyliner-induced pat-down? Oof. 😑  Well, you'll be protected from any of that mess (leaks included).


*~What are your must-haves on your adventures? Also, where are you lovely ladies traveling this year??*~ 


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