The Packing Guide For Stylish Travelistas

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By Natalie Pattillo

To fight this year’s brutal winter, you’ve been methodically hunting down travel deals for a sunny, Vitamin-D soaking vacation for a few months now. Us too. Now, you’ve finally committed to booking the flights. Your itinerary is even loosely mapped out - I mean, you’ve at least plotted out a handful of restaurants and mouth-watering meals, right? The only thing between you and your adventure is that empty suitcase waiting to be filled with practical and stylish essentials.

The last thing you should do about packing is stress.  Whether you’ll be frolicking in a national park, taking it easy on a beachside in Portugal, or eating your way through Sicily, Icon wants to ease carry-on anxieties and prep you with our list of TSA-friendly travel must haves. This year, you won’t have to compromise style on a road trip or when walking through airport security.

Stylish Sunnies


I recently snagged a pair of these Izipizi sunglasses at a food festival in Phoenix, and if you’ve ever been you know optimum UV protection is a must. I’ve been spreading the gospel about how these stylish sunnies are affordable, come in a ton of fun colors (buy a few pairs to match all your vibrant outfits), and keep your retinas safe from sun rays!


Noise-Cancelling Earphones

Whether you're getting on a plane with your gals, family, or making the trip solo, earbuds are vital on a train ride or flight. These super sleek wood-accented earbuds will step up your in-flight movie watching or podcast listening game by 1000.

Phone-Charging Purse

Adventurers, your prayers to the purse gods have been answered! This leather and 14 karat gold adorned black crossbody purse keeps your iPhone charged. Need something bigger to stash your souvenirs? Check this beauty out.

Comfy Sneakers

Ok, so I own a pair of Nike Air Max 1, and honestly, I feel like I don’t ever want to buy anything else when it comes to walking shoes (I live in NYC so I walk A LOT!). Customize your a pair that fits your style and swagger and bring them along with you on any adventure. They look superb with casual skirts or dresses too!

Compression Packing Cubes

Ah, yes, for the fashion queens who need a lil’ more space to squeeze in outfits and shoes you’ve been dying to debut. No one wants to pay the additional luggage fee or schlep an extra bag around, either. These compression cubes keep your goods organized and your shirts wrinkle-free.

Mini Blow Dryer

Sometimes, hotel hair dryers don’t live up to your blow-out dreams. This cute mini blow dryer has enough power to keep your hair lookin’ shiny minus the frizz. (Perfect for daily use at the gym too.)


Vibrant Hanging Travel Case

Looking to replace the travel case you’ve had for years or the flimsy one you bought at the dollar store (no judgment)? This trendy hanging travel case is ideal for storing away all your hair ties, lip gloss, rose water spray, and sunscreen.

The Getaway Pants

Nothing says you’re ready for a stress-free adventure like a pair of shockingly soft and trendy lounge pants. If you’re going to be sitting for hours to get to your destination, you’re gonna want/need breathability for your below-the-belt parts. Not-so-fun-fact: tight pants + sitting for long hours = potential UTI. Grab a pair of these getaway pants from Free People to avoid any unnecessary discomfort.

Silk Sleep Mask

Ever find yourself feeling more tired after a vacation than before leaving? Sleeping in a crowded plane or unfamiliar hotel room can be challenging! Feel rejuvenated on your trip every day by bringing along this classy, hypoallergenic (perfect for sensitive skin) sleep mask made of silk. No more puffy, red eyes!

Icon Undies Rose

We hear often from ladies about how traveling with Icon makes their adventure anxiety-free. Plus, who doesn’t like feeling sexy while on vacation? Packing disposables liners or pads in your baggage means less space for your Duty-Free goodies. Try out our newest hue Rose in hiphugger, bikini, hi-waist, or french cut.

*~Where are you travelistas headed this year? And, what’s some essentials you never forget to pack?*

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