written by Natalie Pattillo

Junk Drawer

Mother's Day Hangover Cure

Hungover from devouring Mother's Day bon bons (or bourbon)? Fatigued from reading heart-wrenching notes & tear-jerking Facebook posts? Yeah, same. So we whipped up a list of mom puns that are kinda like Hallmark greeting cards but doused with *actual* motherhood truths...sans flower bouquets, organic lavender candles, and (stressful) brunch with your fam.

Mompunzal 💁

A mom with super long hair because she doesn’t have time to hit up a salon. At least she looks like Cher (even if it's unintentional).


Momager 📱

When you see that your children are in need of some career direction so you get your full-blown momager on.


momomomomomom 🍩

The identity you take on when a dozen chocolate filled donuts are in front of you. Never ever feel bad for not saving any for the kids or spouse. 


Motherplucker! 😫

What you scream while neurotically plucking out a rogue chin hair. Yup, we have 'em too. 


LeMOMade 🍋

When you drink too many summer spritzers...and spritz in your pants. (We're simply living our best lives.)


Motherbored 😴

When you're over it at your kid's spelling bee/play/college graduation and ready to hit the bar...just kidding...your bed.


Mums the Word 😒

Seriously tho, why does it seem like 99.9% of your spawn's vocabulary is "Muuuuuuuuuuuuum!"???? 



OptiMom Time 💪

When you aren’t late to drop your kid off at school...so what if it's for the first time and your kids are high school seniors?


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Illustrations by Bridget Collins