Should We Treasure Our Simple Pleasures?

by Natalie Pattillo | 07/27/17

When you start adulting, you begin to learn that life is actually about the teeniest tiniest of joys and that guilt (within reason) is a wasted emotion. Seriously though, if you wanna binge out on Golden Girls all Saturday in just a t-shirt and your Icons whose to say that you've got better things to do? I mean, unless you have a doctor's appointment or need to replenish on groceries (aka snacks for your viewing pleasure ūüćü ¬†ūüćē ), you should feel free to lounge around for seven hours straight. It's called a mental health day mmmkay. Pretty sure a wise person once said, "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted." Now that's a life mantra, folks.

And if you get immense joy out of eating samples at Whole Foods, so be it...they are free after all. We believe that in life you have nothing to lose but your guilt (again, within reason). Sooo, we put together a list of our guilt-free pleasures and a shopping guide to help you fulfill these innocent joys. 

Keeping Up With Reality TV

Binge-watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and The Real Housewives while scarfing down a giant bag of Hot Cheetos and licking your fingers because they are covered in delicious *flavor dust*. If this is you, we¬†recommend snagging these super cute¬†snack bowls¬†(very colorful, right? ūüėć).


Pretending you're Rachel Ray or Emeril Lagasse while you're cooking up a feast all by your lonesome. BAM! If you want the full home cooking show effect, you should get your hands on this space-saving, magnetic spice rack.

 Thrifty Taster

Going to Costco, Trader Joe's, and/or Sam's Club on the weekends just to score¬†free samples. It doesn't matter if it's old croissants¬†from the bakery or itty bitty¬†cups filled with probiotic greek yogurt‚ÄĒyou'll devour it all! Ooo, with this one,¬†you def need this ACLU tote bag¬†to schlep around the 3-for-1 special of the black bean hummus you just¬†fell in love with.

Mom of the Year

Eating all of the mini Milky Ways and Tootsie Rolls from the goodie bag your kid got at their friend's birthday party. On this one, you should be super stealth and throw your fave sweets into a cute jewelry box. Just make sure you stash it in your closet or something.

 Eye Would Never 

Reading a stranger's heated text message exchange while sitting next to them on a train or bus. If this is your jam,¬†we recommend buying a pair of these trendy Warby Parker¬†sunglasses to hide your gaze ūüĎÄ.

Relieving Retreat

Bringing your phone into a bathroom stall at work so you can catch up on celebrity gossip and Facebook drama while you pee (or judgment). Buy yourself a waterproof case...because you know...accidents happen.


*~What guiltless pleasures did we miss, y'all? #nojudgment~*

Illustrations by Bridget Collins

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