A Gift Guide for Unruly Women

12/15/17 | share:

By Natalie Pattillo

Finding perfect holiday gifts for rad women in your life is no easy feat. These are the gals you're always turning to for life inspo and heart-to-heart/no bullshit advice. Makes sense that you wanna buy something that lives up to their off-the-charts level of coolness. Fret no more, though. And whatever you do, put down that Olive Garden gift card. There are better options out there. Promise. This season, we're featuring women-owned shops on our gift guide, which means you'll score unique, can't-find-this-at-Macy's presents for your fave femmes. Plus, women supporting women makes the world go 'round. It's science.

Eclectic Earrings 

Trying to catch your breath after resting your eyes on these beauties? I get it. These stunning wooden, handmade earrings will add pizazz to any outfit, boring holiday party, or dull work meeting. Gift a pair, keep a pair. 

On Point Pennant

Rad women are amazing at pretty much everything they do. Makes sense why so many people need their advice, help, time, energy, etc. This beautifully crafted pennant is a fabulous reminder to pump the brakes and just say no (sans guilt) whenever the hell you want. 

Matter-of-Fact Mug

It doesn't matter if your mom/aunt/sister/fave co-worker is into tea, coffee, water, wine, or all of the above. Get this mug for the rule-breaking woman in your life who needs to refuel, hydrate, and fend off bullshit. Btw, have you seen our ode to women who wanna dismantle ageism and sexism? Check out our Piss Off campaign.

Cathartic Cookbook


Our fave chef, Andrea Drummer, cooks up cannabis-infused cuisine for cancer patients, veterans with PTSD, and folks coping with anxiety or depression. Good news, y'all, she just released a cookbook! Perfect for your foodie GFs who enjoy having a high ol' time.

Bold Bathroom Decor

Bathrooms shouldn't be where boring decor goes to die. Snag this for the PEErs who need an upgraded replacement for the weird beach photo hanging above their toilet. 

Philanthropic Print

Nothing like a pro sisterhood print to get you in the holiday spirit. Send this to your work bestie—the one who reminds you of your worth by encouraging you to ask for that raise and promotion you deserve. All proceeds for this stunning piece by Monica Ramos will be donated towards Puerto Rico's hurricane relief fund and Project Paz.

Disappointment-Proof Gift Card

With this digital gift card, you'll be confident that your friend won't be clutching the receipt for a return. No more guessing their size, style, or color preference. With this card, your badass auntie/mom/grandma/pregnant sister-in-law can score leak-proof undies that are beautiful, sexy, and eco-friendly. Everyone wins.  

*~What's on your wish list this year?~*

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