Fight the PETriarchy - pet names that pay homage to the fierce females we love

by Kejal Macdonald | 03/18/16

By Kejal Macdonald


Let's face it, naming a pet is stressful. There are so many fickle factors to consider! Would they share a name with that 4th grade classmate who ate alarming amounts of paste? Does it rhyme with any embarrassing words that could be used in cruel playground songs? Has the name been previously held by a serial killer, dictator, or one of Taylor Swift's exes? (Sorry Ted Bunny, Adolphin Hitler, and Ape Gyllenhaal)

Because #aintnobodygottime to sit around brainstorming monikers, we’ve assembled a handy cheat sheet for all you proud females looking to pay homage to the strong sisters who came before us.

Proud Pooches:

Eva Grrrone
Rosa Barks
Woofie Goldberg

Feisty Felines:

Meowey Tyler Moore
Jane Pawnda
Lapurrne Cox


Bossy Birds:

Ruth Bader Ginsbird


Righteous Rabbits:

Michelle Obunny

Fierce Fish:

Oprah Finfrey


Sassy Swines:

Boaria Steinem

 Remember, a rose by any other name would still smell like a badass.

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