digging deep with our lady crushes

Suzanna Scott is a Louisiana-based artist who will make you rethink your coin purse collection.

Lisa Skye Hain is fusing health, wellness, and community for small businesses and entrepreneurs. ✨

Andrea Drummer is a Los Angeles based world class chef who cooks *high* end cuisine.

Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon—or more popularly known as Jet Set Sarah—is an award-winning travel writer, editor, Caribbean travel expert, TV host, avid runner, and power lifter (seriously, there's nothing this woman can't do).

Anthonia Akitunde is the founder and editor-in-chief of mater mea, a website that tells the exquisite stories of women of color at the intersection of motherhood and career.

When Kristi Loyall—a 26-year-old Oklahoman—found out she was going to lose her foot to cancer, she persuaded doctors to let her keep it. Now, she runs a hilarious Instagram account called @OneFootWander dedicated to photographing her skeletal foot in unexpected places (like a Backstreet Boys concert and a visit to look for aliens in Roswell, New Mexico).

MacKenzie Peck created Math Magazine to give everyone an equal playing field...particularly in the bedroom. Her beautifully-designed, feminist adult publication is made in Brooklyn and can be found at hip newsstands and online.

Joanne and Idelisse aren't just gorgeous Icon models. They are podcast power pals telling the stories of women who reimagine, reinvent, and rebel.

Betty Bastidas is a storyteller and youth media educator originally from Ecuador. Her 7-year-long project, Dreamtown—a compelling documentary featuring Afro-Ecuadorian soccer players facing economical and social adversities—recently granted her with the National Association of Latino Independent Producers/HBO Documentary Award. Oh, she’s also a single mom to her 6-year-old, Santiago. In other words, she’s a multi-tasking badass.

Francie Webb is on a mission to teach all breastfeeding women how to hand express their milk. We sat down to chat about how to #gomilkyourself and why, as a culture, we feel weird touching our own bodies.

Jennifer Baumgardner is a feminist force: a writer, activist, publisher, filmmaker, and lecturer whose work explores abortion, bisexuality, rape, single parenthood, and women’s power. In her 20s she was the youngest editor of Ms. Magazine, and for the past 3 years she's led the charge as Executive Director at The Feminist Press.

Gerry Visco is a performer, writer, and photographer who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.  During the day, she is the Director of Academic Administration and Finance for the Classics Department at Columbia University.  By night, she is a performer, certified yoga instructor, and club kid (so basically a real-life superhero, only with better style). I met up with her at her office to talk horoscopes, life goals, and finding love.

Robin Tewes is a painter originally from Queens, NY. Her work has been exhibited widely at institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art, P.S.1, and The Drawing Center. She is a professor of Fine Art at Pace University, and is going to be spending her summer painting at the Sam & Adele Golden Artist Residency in upstate New York.

Four years ago, Maria was paralyzed in a car accident. Today, she's a member of the seriously dope dance team, Walk and Roll. When she's not shufflin' in the studio, or practicing make-up tutorials from YouTube, she spends her energy opening the minds of abled people to the discrimination the disabled community faces, and how we can all make this world more accessible for everyone.

Carolyn began her career as a lawyer, but traded her pantsuits for yoga pants, and is now the US Director of Brand and Community for lululemon.

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