Jennifer Baumgardner - Feminist Activist & Author

08/05/16 | share:

Interviewed by Kejal Macdonald

Fem-centric literature + the fight for gender justice - da patriarchy = ? 

Normally we run like the wind from word problems (like, who cares which train would get there first if they both left the station at the same time? Check a schedule online, sheesh) but we went ahead did the math for you on this one. The answer is an badass all-female publishing house, The Feminist Press.

We know what you're thinking...books specifically created to advance women's rights? Where do I sign up for their mailing list, find their work, and join the glorious conversation about inclusive gender equality? Welp, you can start with our field trip to their office.

We dropped in to swoon over their book collection, explore the evolution of feminism, and tackle why women feel ashamed about natural bodily functions. 


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