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A pelvic health PT on becoming a patient.

Who is most affected by obstetric fistula, and why your support makes a huge difference.

'Tis the season for leaking (less)

Get to the bottom of your symptoms, for good.

A guide to cold, flu, and leak season for all the leakers tightly crossing their legs until spring.

An education in the H-word.

Treating yourself after cancer treatment.

Should you put all your eggs in one vagina?

Breast cancer prevention made simple.

Thanks, Arnold Kegel. But have you heard of Margaret Morris?

If you have OAB, you're probably saying yes.

What does race have to do with pelvic health? Short answer: everything.

Knowledge is power is no more late night google-induced anxiety.

In which fact is way better than fiction.

The upside to digital bladder diaries.

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