body banter

we don't believe in TMI

A hop, skip, and no more leaks.

Forecast is: no more rain on your parade.

Because women's health should be personal, not political.

Sometimes stress springs a leak (literally). Here's how to keep your head above water.

Join our campaign to pee the change, y’all.

If we’re packing too much pressure on our pelvic floors or abdomen, it can cause conditions like pelvic organ prolapse (POP) or diastasis recti.

This year, Icon and THINX brought together 5 mother-daughter duos to dish on taboo topics…

A dip recipe that will be showstopper at every potluck gathering.

It's time to reject shame and claim our right to pleasure.

Dr. Rachel Gelman gives the down low on poop, pee, pelvic floors, and what to do if you're constipated.

For us, it's equally important to help out our sisters around the globe suffering from fistula.

How to reconcile your abs when they've consciously uncoupled.

Why do these surgeries get such mixed reviews?

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