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The Afterbirth

You know that feeling when you look back on a remarkable relationship and it dawns on you how perfectly the stars had to align for your paths to cross? Not to sound too astrological (but if that's your thing, we are so on board) but when we first chatted with Brandi Sellers-Jackson we knew it was *meant to be.* Our homegirl Brandi (as some of you might know) is the creator of Not So Private Parts, an online platform that aims to remove shame and stigma surrounding women's health. For Icon, partnering with Brandi was match-made in 🙏🏾TMI-busting heaven🙏🏾. 


Brandi created Not So Private Parts after experiencing a miscarriage. "I was amazed at the isolation felt due to the lack of resources via social media and other outlets," she explains. "In fact, it seemed that the more I searched for answers, or just someone to connect with, I found that miscarriage was not the only issue not being discussed. There were a lot of issues being politely swept under the rug." ❤️


The beautiful and poetic Brandi has even written about postpartum leakage on Not So Private Parts. And get this, she's our newest Icon model! It doesn't end there (told you the ✨ stars aligned✨). She helped us conceive and create 😏  The Afterbirth—a video series telling the personal postpartum stories from women of all ages & backgrounds. Their experiences cover everything from leaky boobs and C-section scars, to postpartum depression and learning about the joys and struggles of becoming a mom. Y'know, a lot of those topics no one really tells you about until you're in the thick of it. 


*~What was pregnancy and postpartum like for you?*~

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