written by Natalie Pattillo

Body Banter

How to Plan a Leak-Proof Adventure

We know, we know, you're totally excited for your much needed vacation but not at all thrilled about the long plane/train/car ride. For some, the travel destination is far better than the journey. No, we're not mind readers just fellow leakers. Nothing can be more stressful than riding in a car full of non-leakers who don't understand why you need to stop every hour or so. The recent news story about the woman having to pee in a cup while the plane was descending really hit home, right? Yeaaah, same here.

Your dribble dilemma should never exclude you from adventures. So to make sure our fellow leaky ladies don't feel destined to be homebodies all summer, we assembled this list of travel tips for all the spritzers out there. 

Leak-Proof Planning 

If possible, before heading out, be sure to scope out where the restrooms will be. I always like to score an aisle seat on the train or plane so I'm very close to the most calming region of my transit journey...the bathrooms. I HATE the idea of asking the passenger next to me if they can get up so I can pee for the bajillionth time, so reserving an aisle seat is worth it for me. Then, once you're ready to hit the town/city/resort/beach, be sure to map out where all the possible options for restrooms will be. If anything, that'll ease your nerves, which means your leakage will be less triggered. 💆

Communicate with Your Travel Mates

If you aren't traveling solo, chances are you'll be with friends and fam who might not deal with leakage/urge probz. It can be scary at first but it's definitely worth it to communicate to your fellow travelers that you need to pee often. While you're at it, share with them what stress or urge incontinence means, because odds are, they might be silently struggling too. And think of the laughs you could be sharing instead! 😂 

Gear That'll Eliminate Leaking Fear


Can't figure out what to pack for your next jet set??? Don't fret just yet. Last week, we whipped up a list of must-haves for you to bring on your next adventure. Everything from a sleek female urination device to a dreamy-scented rose water body spray. Check out our post on Travel Gear for Trips Far and Near. 

Drink h2o


Most people automatically think that prepping for a long trip means that they should limit their water intake to avoid leakage. Don't do that! 😬 But also you don't have to chug more h2o than you usually do. Remember, dehydrating yourself will only make things dicier for you. Dehydration = irritated bladder lining = false urges. If possible, try to limit your caffeine intake (we know, that's asking a lot). Personally, traveling w/o caffeine sounds like a damn disaster waiting to happen. So instead of ordering my regular 12 oz. Americano, I'll take a single shot espresso before my adventure. ☕️

Get Comfy

The posture of sitting can be aggravating because it's puts pressure on your perineum and even positions your bladder into a kink. Planes and trains make getting up and moving around easy. If you're in a car, ask the driver to pull over every so often so you and everyone else can stretch out! It's good for blood circulation and you won't feel as drained when you arrive to your destination. Win-win for everyone. 


~*What else makes your travel stress free? Share your tips and tricks with us!*~