Babeland Kegel Trainer Review

06/24/16 | share:

By Kejal Macdonald

Our wet 'n wild journey of #PelvicFloorLiteracy comes with the excitement and terror of joining a new gym: unfamiliar equipment, upper lip sweat, and trying to look casual while searching for the bathroom. Plus lots of Beyoncé.

On our fieldtrip to the full-grown candy shop that is Babeland, Maria, our head of Customer Experience, scooped up a kGoal. If you're not familiar, the kGoal (+5 points for the punny name) is a bluetooth-enhanced, gamified Kegel trainer that coaches you through how to properly contract your pelvic floor, and rewards you with an encouraging pat on the front. Like a fit bit for your vagina. Or a reverse mullet: party in the front, business in the back. 

Maria's (k)goal was to work on proactively strengthening her pelvic floor, while also get a little somethin' somethin' in the boudoir. Double your pleasure, double your (pelvic floor)fun(ction). Spoiler alert: she's into it. #LubeYes

But, hold on, Funkmaster Flex! The kGoal is just one tool in a whole ecosystem of pelvic paraphernalia. Before you start clenching like a madwoman, keep in mind that we're all unique snowflakes, and Kegels aren't something every woman should be doing. We repeat: Kegels aren't the holy grail of our lady bits. Kegels are great if your pelvic floor is truly weak and/or overstretched. But, some women's pelvic floors are too tight (aka hypertonic muscles), so Kegels could actually cause more harm. Short, tight muscles need to be lengthened instead of tightened. #themoreyouknow

In order to understand what's going on with your floor, we always suggest seeing a pelvic floor therapist to determine what tools and exercises are best for you and your beautiful bod. 

Suspect you might have a hypertonic floor? Read more about it and what you can do to elongate your pelvic muscles ~here~.

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