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Pelvic Floor Feetness

We talk a whole lot about exercises that can help prevent or lessen leakage. Goes without saying that pelvic floor fodder is kinda our jam. But as we pull out our Birkenstock sandals and Tieks flats just in time for warmer spring weather, we think it's time to take a step back (pun intended) to examine 🔬 how our feet 👣 can impact the ways we move and groove.

If your feet feel good, you'll feel grounded and more balanced, which means you'll be better able to perform the activities of your day, whether it be power-walking to the restroom, solo dancing in your (Icon) undies, or standing in line at the grocery store. 

Aaaand as usual, our pelvic floor guru Lindsey taught us something new: our pelvic floors act as a shock absorber for our bodies. The first point of contact is the foot, which, just like the pelvic floor, needs to be pliable, supple and flexible to accommodate the forces. If our feet feel stuck or rigid, they aren't able to do their job for the rest of our bods, which means the pelvic floor has to take more of the impact. If our feet are supple, it inadvertently helps the pelvic floor do its job better! 

Sooo, where should you start on this quest to treat yo feet? Right here! We've got 3 super easy exercises (y'all, it's more like foot massage so don't tune out just yet) you can do with a fabulous, multi-purpose Franklin ball. You can do them while standing or sitting, whatever is most comfy to you. And if you wanna do these standing up but feel like balancing is a challenge, just stand near a wall or surface to hold onto. Accessibility for the win, y'all!


Big Toe-to-Pinkie Rollover

Why we love it: Lubricates the joints in your feet & ankles!

Start by placing the ball of your foot and your toes on top of a Franklin ball. Roll the ball from left-to-right while touching down on the big toe side to the pinkie toe side. Repeat on each foot about 10-12x.


Heel Roll (kinda sounds like hero...which makes us hungry)

Why we love it: Preps feet for uneven surfaces (i.e., playing @ the park w/ your kiddos, walking on the beach, running a cross-country race)

Put one Franklin ball under your heel. Using your heel only, move the ball from left-to right. Repeat on each foot about 10-12x.


Full Foot Massage (because you deserve it!)

Why we love it: Um...who doesn't love a massage?? And if you're dealing w/ plantar fasciitis (eep! so sorry!), this exercise was made for you!

Place one Franklin ball underneath your toes but leave a lil room for the ball to be in front. While taking a deep breath in, roll the ball vertically under your entire foot. Use the ball to massage the inside and outside of your arches. If stepping down for even more tension feels good, do it (the Franklin balls will not burst, promise)! Repeat as many times as you want on each foot. 

Aaaaaaah sweet feet relief...

*~Tried our feetness regimen? We wanna hear what you think!~*

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