written by Natalie Pattillo

Body Banter

Dribble Diaries: There's An App for That

"There's an app for that" has grown to become the unofficial one-download-fixes-all mantra for legit every need under the sun. If we can get in touch with our inner zen on Headspace after binge-watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and digital restroom locaters can come through as our savior, then why not decode dribble dilemmas with a women's health app called Bwom?

Bwom—created for women of all ages and life stages—guides you through how to care for your pelvic area through every stage of life. From young adults and women without children, through pregnancy and postpartum, to Motherhood and Menopause. I'm pretty (pelvic) floored that this mission to reclaim my urine control was leaking into the virtual realm, which if you think about it, is freaking cool if you lead a hectic life and/or want a budget-friendly option.

The first to-do on the app is answering a short series of questions. No studying performance anxiety freakout necessary! It's for the app to understand what you've been exPEEriencing and where you're at in life. The intake questions are super quick and comprehensive, which makes sense because Bwom worked with a pelvic floor therapist on the getting to know you questions and the exercises themselves. For example, the app will ask if you've had any children (How many? Vaginal birth or c-section? Did you have an episiotomy? etc.) and whether you're currently having any bladder leaks (🙋🏾 yes to all of the above). 

Bwom then makes special recommendations for you based on your honest answers (goodbye TMI 👋🏾). 

Then, the app customizes a plan for you with exercises and self-care that you can tackle in the comfort of your cozy casa (in your pajamas no less). I really wish Bwom graced my fingertips when I had my baby boo 4 & 1/2 years ago. Not solely for solidarity but for the healing rituals made for the perineal scarring that can happen while your big bundle of joy is making his/her debut.

Not a single soul gave me the down low in advance on how much physical pain my hoo-ha *would/could* handle. You can't sit. You can't stand. You can barely sleep. Oh wait, that's just your new norm (welcome to parenthood, right?). You wear a bajillion pantyliners in the span of 6 or so weeks not only to wick away post-birth discharge and leakage but for a lil extra cushiony goodness (sidenote: oh how I wish I had Icon back then too). Sure, time traveling back those memories makes me feel like a bona fide Wonder Woman. But damn, it would've really helped to have an app guide me through how to heal from an episiotomy. 

Bringing it back to present-day healing, Bwom is an incredibly useful tool. Why? Because 1) it's cost-effective 2) you can do the pelvic floor strengthening exercises at home 3) you have video & audio guides to assist you through each step and exercise 4) it's customized for your needs/symptoms 5) it's easy to access if you don't have a pelvic PT close by 6) if you need to stop because you're interrupted by the howling sounds of your empty stomach, you can easily press pause and restart after you've sufficiently scarfed down hummus and carrots (and gummi bears). 

Now it's worth noting that even though their intake form is really detailed, I'm definitely still on Team Find An Amazing Pelvic Floor Therapist too because there's just no alternative their *whizdom* and 1-on-1 care. Lemme put it this way...it's like taking a Spanish immersion class taught by an increíble instructora but also using a complementary app to practice vocab on your downtime. The idea is to make it work for you and your goals!

And of course, in true modern-day app fashion, Bwom will keep you in check w/ reminders that you can schedule so the exercises don't get lost in your everyday hustle. #handheldhelp