Perfectly Periwinkle
Meet our latest limited edition color in Hi-waist, Hiphugger, French Cut, and Bikini.
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Say Hello to our Saver Sets! 👋
You’ll get 2-3 pairs in our popular styles & colors (with a guaranteed discount!). Choose a Set that’s right for you.
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Pee-proof underwear
Keeps you dry and odor-free for light and moderate leaks.
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1 in 3 women leak.
But 3 in 3 should be talking about it. Check out our latest brand campaign that explains (y).
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Icon vs. pantyliners
Better for your body. Better for your wallet. Better for your mother (nature).
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Refinery 29
“Mission Accomplished”
“All pee-related worries melt away forever.”
“You'll be dry all day.”
The Daily Dot
“Peeing yourself: Hey, it happens.”
Yup, it happens to 1 in 3 women, from spring chickens to silver foxes.
Each pair holds up to 8 teaspoons and keeps you dry all day.
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super thin
Looks and feels like a regular pair of underwear.
No smell shall dwell with our antimicrobial technology.
Wear them all day, throw 'em in the wash, and repeat.
peeing is believing
Take Icon for a dry run. If your love isn't undie-niable within 30 days, we'll refund you. Easy pee-sy!
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pick from 5 styles and colors
Icon wicks away moisture and absorbs up to 8 teaspoons of liquid.
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purchase with purpose
With your support, we’re creating a more equitable future through advocacy, education, and access.
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Meet The Iconic
Written for women who know no bounds. From op-eds and interviews, to wellness and pelvic health expertise, every issue brings visibility to how we really live.
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