***PSSST!*** We're making extended coverage our main sneeze, and liquidating regular coverage. Get 20% off all remaining pairs of regular coverage bikini!
*All sales are final & can't be combined with Tinkle Kit discount.*
Pee-proof underwear that keeps you dry and odor-free from light leaks.
Yup, it happens to 1 in 3 women, from spring chickens to silver foxes.
Each pair holds up to 5 tsp., and gets your underwear game on point.
Icon replaces bulky pads and pantyliners, because who wants to feel like they're wearing a diaper?
(No one, that's who.)
Yes, you can wear 'em all day. Yes, they're machine washable. And yeah, they're totally life-changing.
Whether you need Icon for a few months, or the rest of your life, we want you to feel sexy AF.
Take 'em on a dry run. If you aren't feeling it within 30 days, we'll refund you, no questions asked. Easy-peesy!
Urine luck! Our guide to a healthier pelvic floor.
We're on a mission to help our sisters around the world.
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