pee-proof underwear
Keeps you dry and odor-free for light and moderate leaks.
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piss off
Catch a (pee)-k of our campaign that’s splashed all over NYC.
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icon vs. pantyliners
Better for your body. Better for your wallet. Better for your mother (nature).
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Refinery 29
“Mission Accomplished”
“All pee-related worries melt away forever.”
“You'll be dry all day.”
The Daily Dot
“Peeing yourself: Hey, it happens.”
Yup, it happens to 1 in 3 women, from spring chickens to silver foxes.
Each pair holds up to 8 teaspoons and keeps you dry all day.
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super thin
Looks and feels like a regular pair of underwear.
No smell shall dwell with our antimicrobial technology.
Wear them all day, throw 'em in the wash, and repeat.
peeing is believing
Take Icon for a dry run. If your love isn't undie-niable within 30 days, we'll refund you. Easy pee-sy!
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4 styles, 5 colors,
2 absorbencies
Available in light (6tsp.) & moderate (8tsp.)
protection with purpose
Your purchase directly helps women in need.
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